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  • Parkhotel am Kurfürstlichen Schlösschen
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  • Kurfürstenstraße Bad Bertrich
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  • Die berühmten Vulkaneifel Therme, direkt gegenüber dem Parkhotel
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Bad Bertrich: Unique hot water source

1825 1825 1825


BAD BERTRICH is located in the district of Cochem-Zell in the southeast of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, between the Moselle and Vulkaneifel in a small side valley.


A source from the fiery past of the volcano Eifel

The place is famous for its unique warm water source which was already known to Celts and Romans. This source, a relic from the fiery past of the Eifel, when there were still active volcanoes, still works and releases 34 degrees warm water with medicinal salt. In 2010, a large and modern spa was built, where you can swim in this naturally hot water: the "Vulkaneifel Therme". It is located opposite our Parkhotel.

Please do not forget to bring your swimwear!


A spa in the time of the Romans

History of the Hot Springs

The hot springs were originally consecrated by the Romans, the source and healing goddesses Vercana and Meduna. When Trier became the seat of the Roman emperor, the spa experienced its first blossoming, but it came to an end in the 5th century in the "storm of migration". In the 15th century, when bathing was again a specific pleasure, the bath was handed over to the archbishop of Trier who had the springs rebuilt and enlarged with bathing chambers, heated rooms and halls.


"The famous Vulkaneifel Therme

The famous Vulkaneifel Therme

In the 17th century, the bath was sold to the communities Bertrich and Kennfus, until 1762 the archbishopric of Trier acquired the bath back and court architect Andreas Gaertner with the source version and the design of a bathhouse instructed. In 1788 finally the bathhouse and the Logierhaus (the today's Schlösschen and the Parkhotel).


Bath House (Schlösschen) Bad Bertrich (1788).

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