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  • Kurfürstenstraße Bad Bertrich
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  • Die berühmten Vulkaneifel Therme, direkt gegenüber dem Parkhotel
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Nürburgring. Car racing also for tourists.


Wildlife and leisure park in Klotten

Bad Bertrich - the only source of mineral water with Glauber's salt in Germany - is located in a side valley of the Moselle, not far from the tourism strongholds Cochem and Bernkastel-Kues. The banks of the Moselle can be reached within a few minutes by car, and not only is there a tremendous amount of leisure activities available there. Experience boat trips or amusement parks, the Nürburgring or the cities of Trier, Bernkastel-Kues, Cochem or Koblenz.


700 Km of mountain bike trails

Mountain bike and motorcycle

For active mountain bike or motorcycle friends, the mountainous landscape of the Mosel / Eifel region is a challenge. A total of 700 km of mountain bike trails of all levels of difficulty run around Bad Bertrich deep into the Eifel.

Wandern in Bad Bertrich

Hiking in Bad Bertrich


The mountains and hills of Bad Bertrich hide more than 100 years old hiking trails. You can enjoy nature to the full and see the hand-cut rocks. Be inspired by the stone age grottos, waterfalls and bridges hidden in the 70km of marked trails.


Castle Eltz

"Highlights" are the Hohenzollern Tower and the Bismarck Tower. From there you can enjoy the fabulous view over Bad Bertrich and the Üßbachtal. Both lookout towers are from the 19th century and well worth a visit. A well-known hiking destination is Falkenlay, a four-hundred meter high basalt cone. The Falkenlay is located in a nature reserve. There are guided hikes on Thursdays. (Weather permitting)

Also nearby and very well known are the various, idyllic maars (lakes) of the Vulkaneifel. Starting with the "Immerather Maar" to the "powder and Holzmaar" in Gillenfeld, all the way to Gerolstein.

Römerkessel, Landscape therapeutic Park

The Römerkessel in Bad Bertrich is a special park. It is Europe's first landscape therapeutic park. Seven very different gardens should stimulate, calm, inspire; seven very different theme gardens offer seven "atmosphere baths". Here you can compensate for some harmful health deficits of the society - with the known consequences.


Römerkessel, Park in Bad Bertrich

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