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  • Parkhotel am Kurfürstlichen Schlösschen
  • Parkrestaurant
  • Kurfürstenstraße Bad Bertrich
  • Parkhotel mit renommierten Restaurant
  • Lobby
  • Terrasse
  • Die berühmten Vulkaneifel Therme, direkt gegenüber dem Parkhotel
  • Wellnessbereich Parkhotel

Menu 2019

1825 1825 1825

..."We cook for you with love"...



tomato soup

with cream topping

€ 4,80

French onion soup

baked with cheese croutons



Small dishes

Tomato mozzarella

garnished with balsamic and olive oil and salad

€ 8,50

Marinated brawn

with homemade remoulade and hearty fried potatoes

€ 9,50

Garlic baguette

with herbal quark


baked potato

filled with herb quark and salads


Schlemmer toast

Toast with salad, ham, tomato, cucumber, onions, cocktail sauce and baked cheese




Small salad plate

€ 4,80

salad plate

Salads of the season with ham, cheese and egg, with baguette

€ 10,50

Large salad plate "Tonno"

Salads of the season with tuna, egg, black olives, onions and baguette

€ 12,80

Large salad plate "Fitness"

Salads of the season with roasted chicken breast fillet in sesame crust



Main course (meat dishes)

Pork schnitzel "Wiener Art"

with french fries and salad



with potato croquettes and salad


Pork schnitzel "Caprese"

baked with mozzarella and tomatoes, served with potato croquettes and salad


Grilled pork steak with herb butter

with french fries and salad


Grilled chicken breast fillet with barbecue sauce

on braised zucchini and peppers and potato rösti




Grilled rump steak with herb butter

pfilled with baked potato and salad


Grilled rump steak with braised onions

plus French fries and salad


Gegrilltes Rumpsteak "Madagaskar"

with green pepper sauce, potato croquettes and salad


Our grilled rump steaks have a minimum weight of 250g!

We are happy to serve yours at an extra cost of € 2,00 fried potatoes



Roasted trout "Müllerin Art"

with buttered potatoes and salad


Steamed salmon fillet

on a dill white wine sauce with butter rice and salad plate




Tagliatelle with fresh vegetables

€ 14,80



Ice cream cup 3 balls

€ 4,50

with cream


Ice cream cup "black and white"

Chocolate ice cream with eggnog and cream

€ 7,50

Vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce and cream

€ 7,50


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